Seven Lenten Theses  

Posted by Joe Rawls

Here are some stray thoughts about Lent that have occurred to me over the last month or so. I wish all of you a holy and (yes, why not) happy Lent.

1. Saying "my bad" will not get your sins forgiven.

2. Our culture conspires to make us want to slash our wrists rather than admit to wrongdoing.

3. If you're embarrassed to be seen in public with ashes on your forehead, imagine that everyone can see what you're really thinking for five minutes.

4. The world would be a much better place if all the Christians who give up candy for Lent gave up anger instead.

5. When Eastern Christians fast, they don't give up food altogether but eat certain kinds of food in moderation. If it's 2 PM on Good Friday and you're obsessing about the gourmet vegetarian meal you'll have after the liturgy, there's probably something wrong.

6. We ridicule third-world Christians who whip themselves on Good Friday, but we do a good job of whipping ourselves emotionally because we're "just not good enough". So did Jesus make a mistake when he died for us?

7. I don't deny the Atonement. Still and all, the high point of the Christian year is not Good Friday, but Easter Sunday.

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